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Precision Springs

Compression Springs

Helical compression springs are used to resist applied compression forces or to store energy in the compressed mode. They have the most common spring configuration and are found in many applications such as automotive, aerospace and consumer goods. While the most prevalent form of compression spring is a straight cylindrical spring made from round wire, many other forms can be produced, including Conical, Barrel, or Hourglass shaped. Such configurations are used to reduce solid height, buckling and surging, or to produce nonlinear load deflection characteristics. Energy storage capacity is greater for round wire compression springs than for rectangular wire compression springs and can be increased by nesting.
The types of ends available are: plain ends, plain ends ground, squared ends, and squared ends-ground.
In designing compression springs, the space allotted governs the dimensional limits of a spring with regard to allowable solid height and both outside and inside diameters. These dimensional limits, together with the load and deflection requirements, determine the stress level. It is extremely important to consider carefully the space allotted to insure that the spring will function properly to begin with, thereby avoiding costly design changes.
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