Manufacturing Precision Springs

Precision Springs

Compression Springs

Helical compression springs are used to resist applied compression forces or to store energy in the compressed mode. They have the most common spring configuration and are found in many applications such as automotive, aerospace and consumer goods. While the most prevalent form of compression... Read More

Extension Springs

Helical extension springs store energy and exert a pulling force. Usually they are made from round wire and are close-wound with initial tension. Extension springs are stressed in torsion in the body. Design procedures for the body are similar to those of compression springs with the following... Read More

Torsion Springs

Helical springs used to apply a torque or store rotational energy are commonly called Torsion Springs. The two most common types are single and double bodied springs. Torsion springs are found in clothespins, window shade, counterbalance mechanisms, ratchets and various types of machine... Read More

Flat Springs

The term “Flat Springs” covers a wide range of springs or stampings fabricated from flat strip material which, on being deflected by an external load, will store and then release energy. Only a small portion of a complex shaped stamping may actually be functioning as a spring. For the... Read More

Wire Forms

Wire forms have infinite uses and a wide variety of shapes and sizes. These forms can be a load bearing link with minimal deflection. In other cases they can be used as a holder applying a spring tension where a static load is required. Wire products may also be made to perform as electric... Read More


Rings are basically round forms with little to no gap in the end of the form. Spring material is used to manufacture rings so that they can have a spring back effect if needed. Types of rings are snap rings and basic handle rings to name a few.  Read More

MS and AS Springs

The Kirk-Habicht Company manufactures both MS and AS compression and extension springs. Please click on the links provided to view pdfs of both drawings/specifications. Once you have found the spring that you need, simply fill out our quote form with the part number and quantity to receive... Read More

Suspension Springs

Please visit our aftermarket suspension spring division at We have a wide assortment of makes and models along with other related products. Road Magnet Performance Spring division makes appearances at various shows throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and... Read More