Manufacturing Precision Springs
Made in the USA since 1907
The Kirk-Habicht Spring Company custom-manufactures Precision Springs, Compression Springs, Extension Springs, Flat Springs, and Torsion Springs along with Rings, Wire Forms and related products for a variety of industries around the globe. We specialize in small to medium quantities producing products with wire sizes ranging from .010" to .725".  All of our products are manufactured in Baltimore, MD USA. We also make springs for customers who need a preference for domestic specialty metals (DFAR Clause) . The Kirk-Habicht company can offer a full range of MS24585 Compression Springs, and MS24586 Extension Springs along with AS24585 and AS24586 versions. The stainless steel springs in these categories are made using DFAR compliant material. We can work to your drawings or sketches, and also have full design assistance if needed using the latest in design software along with over                100 years of experience.
A Few Basic Considerations:
Although various springs require different design techniques, kinds of material and manufacturing processes, there are some things of a general nature that may be said about all types of springs. Intelligent spring design depends upon the consideration of many other factors, in addition to dimensional and load requirements. One such question concerns the environment in which the spring must operate. How hot or cold will it be? Will the spring be in contact with corrosive media, and if so, what kind? Another question concerns whether a specific load-deflection characteristic is required, and if so, over what range of deflection must it be maintained? A third area of interest is the frequency and velocity of load application and a fourth is the required life. How long must a spring survive under the specific working conditions without breaking or experiencing excessive permanent set? After careful consideration of all the factors which could affect performance, an experienced designer can develop specifications that will yield the greatest possible value to the spring user.
A matter too often neglected is that of providing sufficient space for functional springs in newly designed machines and equipment. When this situation arises, it can necessitate the use of costly, highly stressed, close tolerance springs, which increase the risk of early failure. In conclusion, please consider carefully the spring requirements before finalizing product design.
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